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ok, so it's about time i updated this (i haven't since january!!!).  Lots of things have changed since my last rant.  Things seem to be getting better here in Bristol, although everything went a bit crap before i actually did anything about it.  I have new glasses, new hair and DO NOT NEED stupid male creature, especially as he doesn't want me.  Also recently found out that he started seeing someone else during the time that he was ignoring me after our sort-of date (although i think he was just being thoughtless and cowardly rather than deliberately mean).  

Anyway, have changed lots of things in an effort to sort myself out and attract better stupid male creatures (yeah, right).  Have seen the doctor several times and he gave me happy drugs, which are going to take ages to work, but will hopefully help.  Annoyingly, i is not allowed to consume alcoholicness while i is taking them which is NOT FAIR!!!  

Another annoying side effect is insomnia.  i have become NOCTURNAL!!!  I don't fall asleep until at least 4.30am (regardless of what time i go to bed) but then can sleep through until 4pm the next day (hehe).  Although the list of possible side effects seems to range from slight lack of concentration to excruciatingly painful death, so i seem to have got off quite lightly.

Exams are EVIL!!!  At least they are over now, but i think i have failed many of them.  I blame the doctor and his stupid drugs that made it difficult to sleep and concentrate during exams (halfway through writing an answer...ooh, look, pretty ceiling!!! ... oh, yeah, exam, concentrate...ooh, table!!!) At least the nice doctor has said he will write me an excuse note if i fail (Dear Head of Department, Abigail is not responsible for failing her exams as she is fucked up and on drugs.  Also, the ceiling was too interesting).  It also doesn't help that i revised the wrong thing for one of my exams.

Anyway, enough ranting and onto some (semi) happy things!!!  I have a summer job!!! I finally swallowed my pride and am going to work in a supermarket (i need the money!!! Prescription drugs are expensive, £7.10 per box!! hehe).  Also have a reason for staying in halls next year - I'm the new Amenities Officer on the JCR committee, and i have the bright pink JCR polo shirt to prove it!!  At least it gives me a legitimate reason for staying next year (being Queen of Toasters, Champion of Kettles and Distributor of Irons).

Anyway, enough waffle (i congratulate anyone who has actually read this far!!) Am going to the Goldney Ball tomorrow which means i will actually have to get up to do some grooming (lots of work required to make myself fit for the gorgeous dress i am planning to wear!) before hand.  Will also take the opportunity to get embarassing photos of jess in a dress (i love Facebook!!!!)

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Kirvaja Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi random deviant, I've got a message for you

Imagine you're walking down the street a normal day and then you find a little paper plane on the floor. you catch the paper plane, open it and notice there's a message on it:

"Whoever you are, I hope this could make you smile. I'm sure you're beautiful when you smile. Have a nice day<3"

I don't know about your reaction but, that would make my day waaay better.

So here's the reason of this event. I wanna ask you to, since 23 of october, and till you want to stop, make your own paper plane writting something on it and throw it by the window of your house, highschool, university, any point of your city at any hour, and as many planes as you want.

The idea is making it anonimously. You can also write whatever you want on i. Poetry, some lyrics of a song you like, a cute phrase...
and use your imagination, be original, use color paper, any kind of paper planes...

Don't forget that the principal intention of this event is making someone's day. Also it does not take too much time to make a paper plane, does it? and, I don't know what would you think, but I think this is something beautiful that we can do against dehumanization we're living on this actual society

Yeah, your plane might crush into a tree. it might end up on the trash but...
Some person
that's... really really sad, or tired of routine...
could pick the plane up
read it
and smile
thanks to you.

You can do what you want but
I'll absolutely send some paper planes out there and make someone's day.

riddleman Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2008
Thank you for faving the "Snailcow" ;)
Blue-Star1 Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2008   Photographer
Nice stories and pics!
eyelinerkisses Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2008
Thanks for the :+fav:
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thanks for the fav :)
Tecnido Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2008
Hello there Random Deviant : D
your gallery sure seems interesting :D :heart:
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Thanks for the fave! :D
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wow thanx for the :+fav: it had been put on for only 19seconds and you faved it :XD:

wow i'm the 999th person to view your page congrats for the 1000th :love:
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